An Ecommerce Platform For Banks

The Challenge

A large bank wanted to enhance the value of their Point of Sale (POS) solutions for small businesses. They decided to offer a local delivery platform to their customers. Rather than focusing on individual shops, they aimed to create a marketplace model that would allow various types of businesses such as restaurants, groceries, general stores, etc., to create an online shop quickly and serve the local population.



Technology Vertical


The Solution

Xilligence designed a very flexible ecommerce marketplace platform solution called for the bank’s small business customers.

Other challengers included
  • The platform can be replicated with different configurations for different markets - including individual white-label shops or entire marketplaces
  • The Bank can engage with several types of businesses and offer a unique online presence.
  • Local delivery services are built-in and with configurability in terms of distances and charges.
  • A separate line of business logic ie. restaurant modules that differ from a grocery model etc…. This type of feature isn’t common to generic ecommerce solutions.
  • Branding and white-label options so not a generic look and feel.
  • CRM tools are built-in to allow businesses to better ability to engage with their clients.
  • Extremely scalable platform that can house potentially tens of thousands of businesses online.
  • Ongoing support and upgrades with updated designs, features and services.


    • Web
    • HTML5
    • React.js
    • MySQL Database
    • Mobile
    • React Native
    • Cloud
    • Government Cloud Infrastructure
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