The Challenge

PurpleHealth, one of India’s leading digital health technology companies, through its brand PurpleHealth looked to build several software applications to enable efficiency, productivity, marketing and connectivity technologies accessible by the cloud and mobile devices. PurpleHealth had been working on these applications for several years and had tried other outsourcing firms that were not able to deliver the required solution.

The challenge also included the size and scope of the solution that needed to be built as there needed to be several different kinds of technologies, business logic, stakeholders with unique requirements and multiple products that needed to be integrated into a seamless manner.

The Solution

Xilligence worked with PurpleHealth to design a comprehensive solution that brought together several key constituents of the healthcare ecosystem, namely: doctors,clinics, hospitals, patients, medical shops, insurance companies & pharma companies

Xilligence initially focused on doctors and clinics and developed a practice management system to improve clinic productivity that was both cloud-based as well as a separate 100% offline desktop application.

Next, Xilligence built telehealth technologies which included video-chat, messaging and VoIP audio calls. Both the practice management tools and the telehealth applications were deployed for both web and mobile, including both iOS and Android.

Additionally, Xilligence developed a website-building solution to rapidly develop branded, white-label websites for clinics and hospitals. This allowed PurpleHealth to deploy, at scale, hundreds and thousands of websites with unique features and design elements in a short time and in a very cost-effective manner.

Subsequently, Xilligence built an integrated networking platform for pharmaceutical companies’ medical reps that allowed them to connect and engage with healthcare professionals.

The total solution that Xilligence helped design, develop, support and upgrade for PurpleHealth is extremely complex and requires multiple technologies, tools and platforms.


    • Web
    • HTML5
    • React.js
    • MySQL Database
    • Mobile
    • React Native
    • Cloud
    • Government Cloud Infrastructure
Xilligence Services Used

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