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Since 2000, Xilligence provides strategic outsourcing services. We create dedicated teams for long-term and ongoing processes or projects that require engaged and knowledgeable delivery teams.

Mobile + Apps

Mobile computing is the key driver of technology today. From smartphones, to tablets, to wearable computers...Read more

Cloud + Web

Cloud Services are fast becoming the engines that enables modern internet applications on mobile devices...Read more

Design + UI/UX

Great Design is more than a superficial appearance. Great design improves a users experience with a product and...Read more

Big Data + AI

A company's greatest competitive asset is often the data that it generates, but often companies lack the ability to...Read more

Desktop + Servers

Xilligence has designed, developed, installed and supported desktop and server applications for small ...Read more

QA + Support

Xilligence knows that to deliver a successful product or application requires that the software runs...Read more

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From Enterprises to Start-ups. Xilligence provides high quality IT outsourcing teams for your business.

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Since 2000, Xilligence has helped companies around the world with their technology outsourcing needs. From small start-ups to large global enterprises, we help our clients and partners navigate today's modern technology landscape and to stay ahead of the competition.

From smartphones to the modern web, from desktops to the cloud, from AI to Big Data, Xilligence has the experience to help your company compete across all these technological fronts. Contact us to see how we can help.



Xilligence is always looking for hardworking, talented & high character people to join our team. Contact our Human Resources at hr@xilligence.com

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