Xilligence has the capability and experience to drive your mobile efforts: from strategy to design to development to testing to deployment and finally support and upgrades.

Of course, mobile apps are typically the end-point for the user. Mobile efforts must be integrated into an overall cloud strategy with dynamic, back-end services and must be considered in the overall context of building a product for the user.

Xilligence has strong experience building apps with native tools such as using Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android as well using Cross Platform development technologies such as React Native.

Services Offered

  • Hybrid
  • iOS & Android
  • Mobile Web
  • Cross Platform Frameworks

Key Areas of Focus on Mobile Application Building:

  • Design & User Experience
  • Security
  • Analysis & Analytics

Design & User Experience

Mobile applications are used on smaller screens and touch focused. Simply shrinking desktop UX to a smaller footprint leads to a bad experience and a reduction in usage and user satisfaction. Thoughtful design before the development stage is a must.

  • Keep the designs as simple as possible
  • Aim for intuitive and obvious user interactions
  • Design for one-handed use
  • Iterate based on user-feedback for continuous improvements


Security of data and services are becoming a larger and larger concern for all businesses. In the mobile space, security extends from the security of the on-device application all the way to the cloud and data service touch-points that your mobile application engages and integrates with. Security should be a top priority throughout the entire lifecycle of your application, starting with its design and continuing through deployment and beyond.

  • Security must be considered from the initial stages of development
  • Follow Industry Standard Security design best practices
  • Regularly test for potential weak-points before and after deployment
  • Consider hiring third-party or outside security testers for an unbiased review
  • Bad actors are always coming up with new ways of breaching your defenses - it is important to stay up to date on security practices and implementations of your software.

Analysis & Analytics

It is important to continuously monitor your applications along various attributes to have a proper understanding of your applications in terms of usage, flagging issues, improving performance, testing security and in terms of an overall understanding if your software is meeting your expectations and goals. Therefore capturing information of real-world use is key in ensuring that your software is performing well for your users and stakeholders.

  • Regularly check overall downloads and user adoption
  • Study usage patterns of application for potential UX improvements
  • Review high-value interactions to ensure that key focus outcomes are being met
  • Monitor user-retention, user-ratings if public, and consider user-surveys to improve the application

Technologies & Services:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • React Native

Tools Expertise

  • Swift
  • Kotlin

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