Xilligence, has entered into a strategic partnership with efcom gmbh, a global leader in Factoring Solutions. Starting in 2000, efcom has over 20 years of experience in providing best of breed factoring solutions for the multi-trillion dollar global factoring market. Xilligence helps our finance and banking clients implement and support efcom’s solutions.



efcom premium solutions enables customers to manage events and most complex factoring transactions at the highest level of quality & accuracy.


The efcom online is a webbased application for efficient communication between the factor and the client. It allows you to minimise effort while maximising customer involvement.

Consulting & Support

Xilligence & efcom will provide comprehensive consulting services based on your individual needs to achieve what you want. A special help desk system enables a seamless processing of inquiries. We ensure consistent high-quality service support.

ef3 - going the extra length.

Whether you choose the basic or premium version – efcoms’ ef3 lets you manage even the most complex of factoring transactions at the highest level of quality. No ifs or buts.


  • Ef3 basic and ef3 premium
  • Integrated subledger accounting
  • Freely definable charts of accounts
  • Full process transparency
  • Maximum automation
  • Highly secure Oracle database connection
  • Accounting to generally accepted accounting principles
  • Robust audit trail thanks to traceability right down to individual item level
  • Modular feature enhancements

efOnline - one platform, countless options

Say hello to our web-based application for efficient factor-customer communication. It enables you to minimise effort while maximising customer involvement


  • Frees you up from being tied down in factor-customer communication
  • Greater involvement of your customers (closer to the action)
  • Unparalleled user experience for customers
  • On demand, real time, flexible data exchange
  • State-of-the-art development environment

Why efcom?


Majority of you come across many pros and cons in the search for the right software for your factoring business. So what can you expect from an efcom solution? Quite a lot. To save you time, Efcom have put together 6 key reasons for you.