Cloud-based Digital Health Software

The Client

A Singapore Digital Health Start-up that makes clinic management software



The Requirement

A Singapore based digital health technology start-up (name under NDA) needed help in re-writing and upgrading their software for small clinics. They had a mixture of in-house and local developers, as well as external contractors and outsourced teams. A challenge was that they found it difficult to manage such a disparate team and find people who understood the business requirements for the applications being built. Finally they needed help with QA & Testing as well.

The Outcome

Xilligence helped build out the product suite with experienced engineers who have specifically built out digital health platforms. In addition, having built India’s first telehealth portal in 2012 Xilligence was able to provide assistance and consulting on business requirements and on product design and product management. Finally, Xilligence provided QA & Testing services with manual testing and automated testing and designed a testing process and structure.

Key Features

  • Multi-configurable per Clinic Features
  • Clinic Management Application
    • Appointment Calendar
    • Prescriptions
  • Reporting & Analytics Tools
  • Secure online


Xilligence met with key officials and stakeholders from the Singapore Digital Health Start-up that makes clinic management software and designed, developed,deployed a comprehensive application and solution, that was built entirely from scratch and currently has 2000+ live users - and growing.


    • Web
    • HTML5
    • React.js
    • MySQL Database
    • Mobile
    • React Native
    • Cloud
    • Government Cloud Infrastructure
Xilligence Services Used

Mobile + Apps

Cloud + Web

QA + Support

Design + UI / UX

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