ETHIX NG is the next-generation core banking system, designed by ITS to address the multifaceted challenges of a transforming financial services industry and empower banks to meet customer needs as they evolve with the Digital Economy trends.

ETHIX NG hosts numerous built-in engines that power systematic workflows and ensure organizational and operational efficiency. Particularly, the Finance Origination & Operation Engine supports all aspects of Islamic banking for Retail, Corporate, SME and microfinance lending.

ETHIX NG is engineered to provide seamless omnichannel customer experience, advanced data analytics and optimized and personalized services. The system's client-centred modular architecture promises unprecedented agility and efficiency. Its advanced CRM system offers a comprehensive detailed dashboard, a full overview of a customer's financial position and a complete analysis of the customer’s assets and liabilities. Moreover, online customer onboarding is now made possible at any time, and from any device, in a simple and interactive way via the associated Customer Management interface.

The ETHIX Digital solution not only enables an exceptional on-the-go customer experience but goes all the way to sustaining a digital branch, referred to as XTM or the “eXtreme Teller Machine”, a state-of-the-art micro branch that combines visual and interactive financial services with self-service technology to offer customers 24/7 secure access to full-branch financial services.

Solutions offering

Islamic Finance Solution

  • Islamic Bank
  • Islamic Window
  • Islamic Finance and Leasing
  • Islamic Investment
  • Islamic Micro Finance

Traditional Finance Solution

  • Traditional Bank
  • Traditional Finance and Leasing
  • Traditional Micro Finance


  • Branch Operations
  • Global Business Component
  • Limits Management
  • Micro Finance
  • CRM
  • Collateral Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Salary & Batches
  • Customer/Deposit Services
  • GL and Accounting
  • Business Foundation Engines
  • Deposit Management
  • Discounted Invoices
  • Loans Management
  • Loans Operations
  • Loans Origination
  • Credit Card
  • Bring your own
  • Customer Management
  • Framework Foundation Engines
  • Global Framework Components
  • Credit Analysis & Facility Gathering

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