Press Release

September 03, 2021

Xilligence welcomes Mr. Kurien Varghese and Mr. Jacob Zachariah Karuvelil as Partners & Advisors to the Board.

Mr. Jacob Zachariah Karuvelil

Mr. Jacob Zachariah Karuvelil is a visionary business leader. Jacob brings over 3 decades of experience in IT, Banking, Core Banking systems end-to-end services to clientele, Finance, Operations, Organization Development, Compliance and Standards, and Corporate Legal. As head of Implementation and Support, Jacob implemented and upgraded more than 100 banks' core banking systems worldwide and supported all those banks.

Mr. Jacob Karuvelil was one of the founding staff members of Path Solutions, and while he was leaving Path, he held the position of Executive Vice President. Jacob was the mastermind behind the establishment of Path India as a full-fledged, cost-effective Development, Quality Assurance, Implementation, and Support office in Smart City, Kerala. Jacob was the General Manager of Path Head Office for several years and managed to oversee international operations. Jacob has been involved in developing businesses from the ground up across different geographies, transforming functions, and creating frameworks to sustain and promote growth in a structured way. Jacob was previously the Partner of Testhouse Group, UK. Mr. Jacob Karuvelil is an MBA holder who graduated from the University of Liverpool, UK, and is currently doing his PhD (Doctorate in Management).

Message from Xilligence CEO

We are extremely excited to have Mr. Kurien Varghese and Mr. Jacob Karuvelil with the Xilligence Group. They bring with them a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Banking industry and proven records of great success. We look forward to their guidance, advises and a long and fruitful leadership as Partners in taking Xilligence to the next stage of success.

Vikram Nair

CEO, Xilligence


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