• Prototyping
  • Design Services

Great Design is more than a superficial appearance. Great design improves a users experience with a product and makes it more useful. Xilligence employs designers, business analysts, commercial artists and technical writers well versed in technology design process and digital media. We can help in all design related areas, from website design to mobile UX/UI, to system architecture, we will convert your ideas to technological reality - beautifully

Related Case Study

Xilligence designed and developed a local shopping platform called Lokal.in that is an ecommerce marketplace that focuses on serving the daily needs and purchases in various neighborhoods. From gathering the business requirements, designing the UI/UX for the mobile apps and websites, developing the application to deploying, and to supporting and managing the cloud deployment, Xilligence provided an end-to-end solution for the customer.

  • Design & UI/UX
  • Cloud & Web Development
  • Mobile & Apps
  • QA & Support
  • Web: HTML5, Javascript, Groovy on Grails
  • Cloud: Amazon Cloud
  • Database: MySQL
  • Mobile Apps:
    • Android - Java, Kotlin
    • iOS - Swift, Obj C