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A company's greatest competitive asset is often the data that it generates, but often companies lack the ability to access, organize and meaningfully extract understanding and insight from their own data. Xilligence has data analysts and business intelligence experts who know how to generate powerful, accurate insights from your data to help your organization become more efficient and become more effective. Let us design an optimal solution for you. In addition, Artificial Intelligence is becoming more important than ever to enable your data to empower your business from customer interactions, sales and even internal process efficiencies. Xilligence has experience developing applications with AI technology and can help your business stay ahead.

Related Case Study

Xilligence developed software using AI/ML technologies for one of India’s largest insurance providers (name is under NDA) that deals with millions of customers and their associated car claim and they also wanted to detect insurance fraud in real time. This insurance provider wanted to use AI computer vision and Machine Learning for image identification and processing. Xilligence designed and developed a cutting edge cloud solution that uses innovative AI/ML techniques to develop a scalable system that can reduce costs and human error while improving fraud detection.

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