Xilligence has wide and deep expertise with Amazon Web Service. We have architected, built, devployed and scaled cloud-based applications that touch and use a veriety of AWS services and solutions.

From purely web-based applications, to those that connect to mobile devices, Xilligence has adopted and deployedd several AWS technologies across their product stack. Some of the key technologies that we use include:

  • Compute - Amazon EC2, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
  • Front-End & Mobile - Amazon VPC, Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon Route 53, Amazon ELB
  • Serverless Architecture - AWS Lambda
  • Databeses - Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora
  • API Deployment - Amazon API Gateway
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Machine Learning - Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Rekognition
  • Notifications - Amazon SNS

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