Independent Testing & QA Services

Independent Testing & QA Services

While integrating the digital into legacy systems, during the process of personalising and integrating channels, migration of platforms or app remediation processes, occurrence of out-of-line incidents are capable of disrupting your IT landscape of your business. Therefore, the relevance of Quality Assurance has been heightened by the need to ensure the performance and smooth functionality of applications and platforms.

Xilligence recognises the importance of applications and solutions that are dependable, highly durable, and predictable. To us, quality is a not just a priority but a deliberate and concentrated endeavour.

To improve testing efficiency and effectiveness, our specialised QA and Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) adheres to the highest level of testing standards and methodologies. We accomplish this by combining our knowledge of diverse sectors, processes, technology, frameworks, domains and tools to reduce the time and effort required for testing, and delivering the necessary business goals.

Services Offering:




Data QA

Xilligence's Software Testing with Engineering Expertise has helped Global Enterprises Accelerate Digital Transformation across Industries


Retail & Consumer Goods

Digital Health

Marketing & Advertisement


Independent Software

Modern businesses demand intuitive and innovative testing.
Xilligence's testing tools compliment our services.

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