Video Conferencing

Xilligence has developed video-conferencing/video-chat solutions that can be integrated in mobile applications or purely over the web. We use modern VOIP protocols such as WebRTC that let users see and speak to each other in real-time over video and voice including one to one or one to many engagements. Subsequent functionality can be built on top of these services. One of our clients, Purple Health, uses our solution for doctor-patient video chats.

Shops & Marketplaces

Xilligence has developed ecommerce solutions for individual shops and marketplaces. We are able to generate on demand white-label online shops or bespoke marketplaces with multiple stores. Commerce facilities are full functioned and robust with several modules built in for customer relationship management, delivery management, inventory and more. As well, line of business technology for businesses like restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores and services have been developed

Text & Data Extraction

Xilligence is able to deploy computer vision technology to automatically extract data and text from imaged & scanned documents. More that simple OCR, Xilligence can even pull information from fields in forms and information stored in tables. Many companies extract data using manual data entry which is slow and expensive, or traditional OCR software, which often produces problematic output riddled with errors and that requires extensive post-review. Xilligence uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning (ML) and to instantly read virtually any type of document to accurately extract text and data without the need for any manual review or custom code.