Performance Testing Services

Load And Performance Testing Services

Xilligence specialises in a wide range of performance testing services, including load testing, stress testing, spike testing, and performance optimization, to name a few. The Performance Testing Services we provide for web-based solutions start with defining the system's benchmark behaviour to analyse performance capabilities based on design and architecture. The following are validated to ensure faster and error-free performance.





Load and Performance Testing Service

Xilligence's Performance Testing and Load Testing expertise spans web, mobile, cloud databases, client-server, complex applications and high-volume transaction systems.

Simulating real-life load on applications and websites makes the Load and Performance Testing we provide practical and the solution or the product efficient. Our process-oriented method brings about an advantageous lineup of performance testing with its cutting-edge services and tools equipped to cater to global clients. The end-to-end performance testing solutions benefit the clients with highly responsive future-proof applications, availability, and scalability.


Load Testing

Stress Testing

Spike Testing

Soak & Reliability


Performance Tuning
& Diagnostics

Xilligence's Select Methods For Performance Testing

Our testing services evaluate the performance of our client's databases, networks, webbsite servers, and next-gen applications. A process-based path that puts the client first is the signature of Xilligence, which facilitates them to attain their targets, be it solutions or products.

Our methods include:

Handling the load of defined concurrent users

Equip your architecture with the level of scalability

Planning for and working out proactive maintenance

Optimising performance of Application Server and Database Server

Checking for, finding, and fine-tuning bottlenecks in a product or an application

Value Additions

Server Configuration / Network
Disc I/O constraints / Network
Load Balancer / Memory
JVM / JDBC connections
DB Deadlock / SQL response time /
Indexing issues
Timeout /TCP Connection
Processor Bottleneck in DB & App.

Focus Areas

Load and Performance Testing for
Mobile applications
Predictive Usage Pattern and
Application Benchmarking Latency
Infrastructure Upgrade -
Using Cloud-based load testing
for WAN simulation
Maturity-based Performance
Engineering Modals.