Case Study

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The Challenge

MyyShopp, a leader in ecommerce platforms, wanted to build a comprehensive suite of ecommerce platforms. that were scalable and configurable. MyyShopp wanted the ability to offer multiple ecommerce models such as: provision marketplaces, create aggregator portals, deploy multi-store or individual business websites, configure line of business logic and, finally, offer a do-it-yourself website maker.

Needless to say, these solutions are very different types of ecommerce products space and to create a manageable set of systems for MyyShopp to be able to offer its clients and partners was not a simple or trivial excercise. MyyShopp clients ranges from banks who wanted to deliver a marketplace for their own customers that integrated to their own proprietary payment solutions, all the way to individual small business of various types that required their own business logic.


Xilligence built out the entire product suite for MyyShopp starting with the individual ecommerce store builder to the marketplace model and aggregator portal. Xilligence built this solution on the cloud with Amazon Web Services tools for the websites and back-end technologies and built mobile applications in iOS, Android and React Native cross platform technologies.

Xilligence business analysts and designers took down the requirements, built the wireframes and prototypes and then delivered the various platforms for MyyShopp, on-time and on-budget. Subsequently, Xilligence set-up dedicated support and data-entry teams to help run the various MyyShopp platforms for their clients. Xilligence continues to maintain the applications and enhance and upgrade them as well.


  • Cloud: Amazon Cloud
  • Database: MySQL
  • Mobile Apps:
    • Android - Java, Kotlin
    • IOS - Swift, Obj C

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